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OEM Capability

OP-Unite is a fully integrated optical manufacturing center, capable of fabricating flat, spherical and cylindrical optics. We utilize a wide range of optical manufacturing technologies to create standard and custom optical elements, systems and sub-assemblies.

We'll work with you to develop the optimum design or build to your prints. Our vertically integrated manufacturing center is setup to handle fabrication quantities from prototype to high volume production. We have the capability to produce optics from 0.040Ħħ-10Ħħ (1-254 mm) diameter. And with many advanced optical coating technologies, OP-Unite is well equipped to support your coating needs.

Our goal is to have product available to ship directly from our warehouse to your production floor, exactly when you need it. We believe this offers you a competitive advantage by providing you with product on-time, all of the time.

Our OEM business strategy is to offer our customers a competitive advantage in their marketplace by providing direct access to our expert resources -- engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and service organizations. In evaluating a product, sub-assembly or sub-system, we perform a rapid feasibility review. During this initial assessment process, we determine the value we add based on our core technologies and competencies.