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OP-Unite Solutions
OP-Unite (OP-Unite Solutions, Ltd, OP-Unite®) specilizes in high-precision optics, including lenses, windows, mirrors, filters, prisms, beamsplitters and lens assemblies etc. Specialized coatings are also part of our expertise.

OP-Unite relies on its highly specialized team of engineering, sales&marketing, quality control and management professionals, all of whom work together to supply the best solutions for our customers' optical needs. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations, even when the task is very challenging.

We serve original equipment manufacturers, institutional research, product development, and capital equipment applications. A global market includes laser, electronics, telecommunication, thermal imaging, and medical, for industry, military and scientific research applications.

Optical components: Lenses, Prisms, Windows, Mirrors ,Filters crystal etc.
Materials: glass, UV Fused Silica, MgF2, CaF2, Sapphire, Si, Ge, ZnSe crystal etc.
Coatings: Anti-reflective, High reflective, Partial reflective coating etc.
Accessories: Mechanical parts, Assembly parts etc.

Quality Control
All the procedure of our process are strictly according to ISO9001. We realize that quality and service are what we keep a long & strategic business terms with our customers.Our highly skilled and experienced technicians take pride in consistently fabricating high quality products to meet these specifications.

Mission Statement
- Supply the best solutions to enable your technology!
- Provide the most differentiated optical components with coatings worldwide!
-To estabilish the most strong strategic relations with our customers and partners!